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Take care of yourself and each other, Tumblr.

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ok im going to bitch about how fuckin annoying my mom is ok

ok first of all she screamed in my face this morning for “eating all her raisin bran” k fuck u mom i hate that stuff. She does that all the time though like it doesn’t matter what it is she has to come to me first and accuse me of whatever it was that i supposedly did.

second. my mother always thinks that all i do is take naps in my room?? like hello im in college i just did 4 hours of math this morning like wtf 

I think I may have found the core to my “sickness”. Not really sickness but more of why I have been so drowsy and sneezing everywhere. I think it’s my cats. Yeah I think I am developing an allergic reaction to my own cats. I have 6 of them so it’s not really easy to go anywhere in my house without seeing them. I have never had an allergy to anything ( I mean I think i’m allergic to bee’s but that’s different). I thought it was my cinnamon/thieves oils but I wore it all yesterday and nothing happened expect for when I was home…with my kitties. I woke up this morning to my cat meowing in my window so of course i opened it and tried to snuggle with him and for the past hour and a half my eyes have been itchy and my nose is stuffy.